Chauffeur Company in London

Chauffeur Company London

If you are looking for a top rate Chauffeur company in London then look no further than Danex Drive Chauffeurs London we can provide an impeccable chauffeur service to meet all of your chauffeur needs, whether it is a luxury private taxi service to get you workers or clients to and from meeting in central London or to cater for Private Airport Transfers in and out of London to Heathrow Airport or Gatwick Airport. Or you require a fleet of chauffeur driven Mercedes Viano luxury people carriers to help with your corporate roadshow or special event.

Private Airport Transfers London

Private Airport Transfers London

London Airport Transfers

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Special Events Chauffeur London

Special Events Chauffeurs London

Have a black tie party, film premiere or red carpet event to attend? Or perhaps it’s your end of school or college Summer Ball or other special event? Then why not hire a special events london chauffeur driven top of the range mercedes car to take you in comfort and style. Have a larger party? Then go for the Mercedes Viano which can carry up to 11 people!

Corporate Events Chauffeur

A Special Events Chauffeur London can take away all the hassle of getting to and from your event so you can focus on the evening and forget about trying to catch the last bus or train home in the rain. Enjoy the evening safe in the knowledge that one of our highly professional drivers will be waiting for you at the end of your evening.

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London Attractions: Big Ben

If London is the destination for you then this great landmark is unavoidable. Big Ben is, without any doubt one of the most famous and most recognizable symbols of not just London, but the whole country, especially in the visual media.

London chauffeur services

The Name Big Ben

First let’s explain the ambiguity concerning the name itself. The origin of the nickname Big Ben is not quite clear, and there are two theories. Namely, first one says that it was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the man who oversaw the installation of the tower, and he was affectionately known in the house as Big Ben, since he was a large man. Another theory claims that this landmark got its name from a heavyweight boxer Benjamin Caunt who was champion at the time. It is also known that at the time anything that was heaviest in its class was called Big Ben.
History and Characteristics

The name Big Ben now refers to the clock, bell and the tower, but it was first used to describe the Great Bell. It is part of the Palace of Westminster and is situated at its north end.

The Palace or the Houses of Parliament was destroyed in 1834 by fire and it was decided for the new building to include a tower and a clock, hence the Big Ben was constructed in 1859.
It is third tallest free standing clock tower in the world and the clock is world’s largest four-faced chiming clock. The tower was named Clock Tower till 2012 when it was renamed to Elizabeth Tower in honor of Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

Augustus Pugin designed the clock and dials, and each dial is 7 meters in diameter and each clock dial contains 312 pieces of opal glass. The Latin inscription can be found under each clockface: “DOMINE SALVAM FAC REGINAM NOSTRAM VICTORIAM PRIMAM“, which means O Lord keep safe our Queen Victoria the First.

The Houses of Parliament is open for public and you can take a tour, but the Elizabeth Tower is not, though the residents of the UK can write to their MP and arrange a visit.

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London Attractions: Buckingham Palace

London chauffeur services

If you are planning on visiting London this is one of the places you definitely must see. Among all of its attractions, this one stands out particularly and it is one of the greatest symbols of not just London, but the entire country, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Buckingham Palace
It is the official London residence and one of few remaining working royal palaces in the world. It was built in 1705 for the Duke of Buckingham and was known back then as Buckingham House. Originally, there were three houses on the site, Goring House that first belonged to Sir William Blake and where today’s garden began to develop. Second was the Arlington House which is the southern wing of today’s palace. And the last one was the aforementioned Buckingham House, which is the core of today’s palace and which was sold to King George III, and was a private residence from then on for Queen Charlotte.

Later in 19th century it was reconstructed again and enlarged by architects John Nash and Edward Blore. On the accession of Queen Victoria the palace became the official royal palace of the British Monarch in 1837. In the late 19th, early 20th century last changes were made, when the East front was added, where the famous balcony is situated, from which the royal family traditionally congregates to the public. Unfortunately, the palace chapel was crashed in World War II by a German bomb. Later the Queen’s Gallery was built and the site was open for public in 1962, where people could see the Royal Collection.

Much of its furniture was brought from Carlton House and Royal Pavilion, and the rooms are mostly furnished in Chinese style, while some parts of interior have blue and pink lapis and brightly colored scagliola. It is a property of British state and some of the contents from the palace, together with contents from Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace can be seen at Queen’s Gallery, which is open to public, and these contents are known as Royal Collection.

Every year thousands of invited guests are enjoying the garden parties, receptions and banquets all held in the London’s largest private garden.

As a visitor you have to pay only £19 to see some of the most famous treasures of Royal Collection.

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Airport Transportation: Chauffeur Service vs. Taxi Service

London chauffeur services

When you are travelling to some distant destination, not only do you have to prepare for the trip itself, making sure you don’t forget anything and the airport fuss, including the check-in, all the controls, waiting in the row, but also you have to think about the transportation to and from the airport. Sometimes you are in even greater rush, because you have another flight to catch, so you have another thing to stress about, i.e. how to get there in time. Your first thought might be a cab, but you can never be sure that there will be one available at the exact time you need it and this way you are risking being late to that second flight. Chauffeur service, on the other hand, will sure be there at the exact time you ordered it and the professional driver will make sure you get to your destination safely and on time.

Here are some other advantages of chauffeur service when compared to cab service:

– Professionalism: The training and tests for becoming a professional driver are much more rigorous than those for taxi drivers. And while professional chauffeur will make sure you are comfortable and enjoying the smooth drive, taxi driver will be more concerned about the money. Plus, a real professional will always respect your wishes concerning the music and the temperature in the car, while the cab driver won’t offer that service. Cab drivers will usually let you load and unload your luggage yourself, while chauffeur will provide this service as well.

-Number and variety of cars: Chauffeured services offer greater variety of cars and you never have to worry about the number of cars, because even if you need more cars at the same time you won’t have to wait for it or call for an extra car, they will be waiting for you, just like you requested when you made the reservation. Also, you can pick from numerous car models and you can hire a really luxurious car, equipped with bar or TV, which is not the case with cabs.

– More space: Also, if you are travelling with a group of people, e.g. 15 people or more, chauffeur service will offer you a limo, so that you don’t have to hire three, four or more cars.

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London Attractions: British Museum

London is one of the most popular cities in the world and it is Europe’s most visited city. Over 20 million international visitors make way to London every year, which says a lot about its popularity. This UK’s capital is famous for its rich history and for that reason there are numerous landmarks that are not just aesthetically pleasing and fascinating, but have a great historic value. Whatever your reason for visiting London might be, you simply must not miss to see British Museum.

London chauffeur services

British Museum

This landmark was founded in 1753 and contains about 8 million works that originate from all continents and this collection spans over two million years of human history. Its founder is Sir Hanse Sloane, Irish physician and collector who gathered around 71,000 objects during his lifetime. The British Museum is national museum; it belongs neither to king nor church and is open to public. It is not just a museum, because when Cotton and Harley manuscripts were added it became a library as well.
The building was designed by Sir Robert Smirke in Greek Revival style in 1823. It was first a quadrangle with four wings, i.e. East Wing, which is the King’s library, North Wing, now known as Wellcome Gallery, West Wing or the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery and the South Wing, that was built last. Later on, few changes were made, most important being those who Sydney Smirke, Robert’s brother, and Sir John Taylor designed, the Round Reading Room and the White Wing. The building has 44 columns that are 14 meters high and in 1852 sculptures were added to the pediment of the main entrance, which consist of 15 allegorical figures.

There are ten departments, including library and archives, and those are: department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, dept. of Greece and Rome, dept. of Middle East, Prints and Drawings, Prehistory and Europe, Asia, dept. of Africa, Oceania and Americas, dept. of Coins and Medals and department of Conservation and Scientific Research.
There is certainly a lot to see, and this museum will remind you of how brilliant and mesmerizing world and its history actually is.
The entrance to the British Museum is open for public and free, except for some special exhibitions and certain events, though the donation of 5£ is recommended.

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Why Use Chauffeur Service To and From the Airport?

When we think of traveling we often first associate it with vacation, either with family or our close friends, or with our job, which often requires frequent traveling. It is usually a pleasant experience, but when we think of those few hours we spend in the air, actually traveling, we don’t feel so excited anymore. The entire procedure is quite tiring, from check-in, border control, baggage and passenger check, boarding, flying, pick-up of luggage and then another border control- not so enjoyable experience.

London chauffeur services
It is really stressful, pushing your way through the crowd, especially if you are in a hurry.
What’s worse the story is not over just yet, because you still have to catch a taxi or some other means of transportation to get you to where you’re staying. If you want to avoid all the fuss of getting to the airport and getting to your place from the airport safely then hiring London chauffeur services with professional chauffeur is the right thing to do.

The chauffeur will pick you up or drop you off whenever it is convenient for you and you won’t have to wait and stress about it. All the agency’s chauffeurs are trained professionals, who had to pass rigorous tests in order to get the license. They undergo a professional training and are being monitored by the agency the entire time, so you need not to worry about your safety. The driving records of these professionals are clean and they are required to know both the area and all there is to know about the car they are driving. Talking on their cellphones or texting is not allowed, while you, on the other hand, are free to make all the calls and arrangements you wanted to make.

The chauffeur will not only take care of the luggage you’re carrying, but will open the door for you and make sure you are comfortable, namely he will know all the roads with least traffic, in order to get you to your destination as quick as possible, yet the drive will be smooth and you can even request the change of music or temperature.

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How Professional Are Your London chauffeur services?

The constant increase in the number of traffic fatalities is the result of greater number of distracted, inconsiderate drivers on the road. This group is mostly made of people with busy schedules, young drivers and senior drivers. If you fall into any of these groups, or if you for any other reason think you need some extra sense of security, maybe you should consider hiring London chauffeur services to do the driving for you, using your car and thus avoid any stress traffic might cause you or your family members.

Use a Reputable Agency

When hiring London chauffeur services either for yourself, your children or for senior members of your family it is important to use a trusted agency. You can be sure that the professional chauffeur from reputable agency will be a well trained professional. When choosing their employee, the agency checks chauffeur’ background, criminal record and driving record. They are required to take rigorous driving tests, and drug and alcohol tests are administered randomly, whenever the agency wants to verify that their employee is still safe.
Chauffeurs are also required to know the area thoroughly and to make the trip as pleasant as possible for the client, in terms of smooth driving, pleasant atmosphere inside the car, including temperature and music.

London chauffeur services

Here are some of the necessary requirements that qualify your driver as a professional:

– Knowledge of the area:

A true professional will know the area thoroughly and will take the route that is least crowded and quickest, but also safest to get you to your destination. Also, you will never be bothered by your driver asking you for the directions.

– No use of phone:

You can be sure you’re in safe hands for your chauffeur is totally focused on driving, and is not allowed to use any of the electronic devices while driving.

– Prompt and polite:

The chauffeur will be dresses in a professional; company’s uniform and will arrive to the desired destination on time. Your car will be intact and will be returned in the same condition it was before the provided service.

– Car knowledge:

Professional chauffeur is required to know as much as possible about cars, and should be able to fix any mechanical problem that might occur.

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Devastating Facts and Statistics about Texting While Driving

You may think you know all the dangerous facts about texting while driving, but you will sure be surprised with the following statistics. It has been estimated that 25% of all the accidents are caused by texting while driving, which consequently causes around 330.000 injuries per year. The risk of a car crash is up to 23 times higher if you are texting while driving. Another surprising and astonishing fact is that texting while driving is up to six times more dangerous than driving intoxicated.
London chauffeur services
Namely, the driver who is texting while driving is probably the most dangerous threat on the road, since it requires you to take your eyes off the road for few seconds, and your hands off the wheel at the same time, plus your mind is being distracted while you’re texting.
We all have very tight schedules and we can use all the extra time we can get, but endangering yourself, your fellow travelers and all the other participants in the traffic just because you just have to reply to someone’s message that exact second is just not worth it.
But if you simply cannot afford to drive with your phone turned off or cannot postpone making arrangements while driving, then maybe you should consider hiring London chauffeur services.

Hiring London chauffeur services

The greatest advantage of using London chauffeur services is safety. You will have a clear conscience, since you are no longer jeopardizing your or anyone else’s life. London chauffeur services are trained professional who will offer both comfort and safety. Agencies which hire chauffeurs thoroughly check driver’s skills, personal background, and they undergo serious tests on knowledge of the area and on the cars in general. You can be sure your every request, concerning the car and the trip will be respected, and you can also expect to get to your destination on time. London chauffeur services are not allowed to use any of the electronic devices while driving, but the good news is that now you can use it all you want.

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Is Hiring a London Chauffeur Service Too Expensive?

Everyone wants to present themselves in the best possible light in certain occasions, like proms, graduation parties, weddings or birthdays. Your choice of transportation says a lot about how much you appreciate a particular person or particular event you’re attending. If you want to make an impression, then renting London chauffeur service is the right choice for you. You may be wondering, though, if it is too expensive and here we will answer all your questions. Basically, there are three types of limos: standard, stretch and classic limo; learn more about each in the following text.
London chauffeur services


This type of limo can hold six to eight people and can be rented either by an hour or by a day. Price for this kind of limousine ranges from company to company, and some charge from the moment the driver gets on the road, while some start the rental clock when the customer gets into a car. Renting the standard limo will cost you approximately from £50 to £100 per hour.


If you were looking for a limo that can hold more than eight people, then you should pick a stretch limo, which can hold even up to thirty people. Some of these limos also have a mini bar or even a swimming pool, which is why their price is somewhat higher than the standard limos, and it is from £100 to £300 per hour. They also can be rented either by the hour or by the day.


This is the most expensive version of limos to be rented. The reason is that these imply the classic style limos, like Rolls Royce and these types of limos are not that easy to find. Those who prefer this high class style will have to pay between £200 and £600 per hour.

So, whether one considers these prices reasonable or not depends on how much he can afford and is willing to pay for such a service. But, we can all agree that everyone needs to indulge himself every once in a while and make that special occasion memorable.

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