London chauffeur services

When you are travelling to some distant destination, not only do you have to prepare for the trip itself, making sure you don’t forget anything and the airport fuss, including the check-in, all the controls, waiting in the row, but also you have to think about the transportation to and from the airport. Sometimes you are in even greater rush, because you have another flight to catch, so you have another thing to stress about, i.e. how to get there in time. Your first thought might be a cab, but you can never be sure that there will be one available at the exact time you need it and this way you are risking being late to that second flight. Chauffeur service, on the other hand, will sure be there at the exact time you ordered it and the professional driver will make sure you get to your destination safely and on time.

Here are some other advantages of chauffeur service when compared to cab service:

– Professionalism: The training and tests for becoming a professional driver are much more rigorous than those for taxi drivers. And while professional chauffeur will make sure you are comfortable and enjoying the smooth drive, taxi driver will be more concerned about the money. Plus, a real professional will always respect your wishes concerning the music and the temperature in the car, while the cab driver won’t offer that service. Cab drivers will usually let you load and unload your luggage yourself, while chauffeur will provide this service as well.

-Number and variety of cars: Chauffeured services offer greater variety of cars and you never have to worry about the number of cars, because even if you need more cars at the same time you won’t have to wait for it or call for an extra car, they will be waiting for you, just like you requested when you made the reservation. Also, you can pick from numerous car models and you can hire a really luxurious car, equipped with bar or TV, which is not the case with cabs.

– More space: Also, if you are travelling with a group of people, e.g. 15 people or more, chauffeur service will offer you a limo, so that you don’t have to hire three, four or more cars.

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