Nowadays, we are all rushing somewhere, with dozens of appointments and deadlines we are struggling to meet, we often find ourselves unable to cope even with the most trivial daily challenges. So what we do is not reducing the amount of errands and therefore the stress, but instead we are relying on what we see as our inexhaustible capacities that are supposed to get the job done at any cost.
One of the greatest dangers in this modern world is a distracted driver, or in other words the combination of the latest technology and conscienceless driver.

We are all practically addicted to our precious gadgets and we seem to be seizing every opportunity we have to use them. This, unfortunately, applies as well to the time we should be spending focused on driving. We are all aware that driving is not an activity that should take part in our multitasking, and our attention should be totally on the road ahead of us. What we do instead, probably because we feel too confident about our driving skills or out of mere negligence, is talking on the phone or even texting while driving. Statistics say that around 23% of car accidents per year occur because of the usage of cell phones. Also, the risk of a car crash is up to 23x higher when we are texting while driving.

The solution to this problem could be quite simple if we are dealing with a rational driver, namely he could just do the math himself and figure out the possible fatal outcome of his actions. But this is usually not the case, either because no one is that prudent or they simply have no time to do one thing at a time. Others are irrational.

For such people the best option would be to either hire a personal driver, use a taxi or public transportation. The advantages of doing so are numerous. First thing is that the risk of a car crash is drastically reduced, since all the professional drivers are obliged to take their job seriously. The level of safety is recovered both for you and the potential victim of your irresponsible behavior. Another advantage is that you now can devote your full attention to your exigent tasks. Thus, you are doing yourself and your client a favor; you are more concentrated on your job, which boosts your chances of doing it properly.

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