You may think you know all the dangerous facts about texting while driving, but you will sure be surprised with the following statistics. It has been estimated that 25% of all the accidents are caused by texting while driving, which consequently causes around 330.000 injuries per year. The risk of a car crash is up to 23 times higher if you are texting while driving. Another surprising and astonishing fact is that texting while driving is up to six times more dangerous than driving intoxicated.
London chauffeur services
Namely, the driver who is texting while driving is probably the most dangerous threat on the road, since it requires you to take your eyes off the road for few seconds, and your hands off the wheel at the same time, plus your mind is being distracted while you’re texting.
We all have very tight schedules and we can use all the extra time we can get, but endangering yourself, your fellow travelers and all the other participants in the traffic just because you just have to reply to someone’s message that exact second is just not worth it.
But if you simply cannot afford to drive with your phone turned off or cannot postpone making arrangements while driving, then maybe you should consider hiring London chauffeur services.

Hiring London chauffeur services

The greatest advantage of using London chauffeur services is safety. You will have a clear conscience, since you are no longer jeopardizing your or anyone else’s life. London chauffeur services are trained professional who will offer both comfort and safety. Agencies which hire chauffeurs thoroughly check driver’s skills, personal background, and they undergo serious tests on knowledge of the area and on the cars in general. You can be sure your every request, concerning the car and the trip will be respected, and you can also expect to get to your destination on time. London chauffeur services are not allowed to use any of the electronic devices while driving, but the good news is that now you can use it all you want.

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