Everyone today is talking about going green, eco-friendly and about helping reduce the air pollution and saving nature. One of the biggest contributors to the air pollution, are our beloved cars. And whether we use it out of necessity or mere pleasure, we rarely stop to think about numerous negative effects it has on our environment, namely on every one of us.

Since it emits enormous amounts of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide it therefore contributes to global warming, causes smog, and is depleting the ozone layer. It is also polluting the groundwater through gasoline leaks from storage containers that are placed underground and through auto fueling stations. In addition, when we dispose of our vehicle, there are parts of it, for example tires, that if burnt emit dangerous chemicals.
Even when you are aware of all the dangers and negative, even deadly effects, you sure won’t be undertaking any extreme measures, like giving up your car, but there is one thing you could do that would do a lot for environmental preservation and you would not need to give up any of your desires or necessities. It is an eco-friendly car. There are three types of eco-friendly cars: biodiesel, hybrid and ethanol-based, and they all use alternative energy sources that are environmentally friendly.
When we picture such a car, we often have in mind a modest car with no sign of luxury. This has been the issue for many customers, who prefer a combination of comfort, appearance and eco-friendly system. Today you can have it all. Many car brands have adopted this eco-friendly approach, while preserving the luxurious looks. Some of them are:

The Tesla Model S

It is an environmentally friendly car that is described as a sports car, so it’s a win-win situation, since you’d be enjoying its luxury and it would not pollute the environment.

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The Lexus ES Hybrid

This “green” car offers luxury and comfort. Its inner panel is made of bamboo and it is very spacious.

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Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

It has the best fuel efficiency and an unmatched smooth ride and a distinctive luxurious appearance.

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