Our range of executive chauffeur driven Mercedes cars and our UK chauffeurs are maintained and serviced on a regular basis and valeted daily to ensure that you travel and arrive in the utmost comfort, elegance and style at all times. Our highly trained and experienced London Chauffeurs and UK chauffeurs allow you to truly relax, unwind and enjoy the experience of travelling with Danex Drive Chauffeurs wherever your journey may take you.


Our executive chauffeur cars have been chosen as they are comfortable and luxurious, but non-ostentatious models that provide a relaxing and pleasant journey for our customers. We believe in providing a luxury service to busy business people who require time to relax or prepare for meetings while they travel..


Mercedes E-Class Specification

As part of our executive chauffeur car London fleet, we offer vehicles from the Mercedes E-Class range. This roomy saloon provides extra leg and head space and handy stowage compartments for those traveling with luggage. It is also designed to provide a comfortable and smooth ride regardless of the quality of road surfaces and includes special features like climate control and ambient lighting to ensure your journey is as relaxing as it can be. The Mercedes E-class arrived on our shores in 2009 and proved an immediate hit, marking ‘a refined and relaxing return to old Mercedes qualities. This is the executive chauffeur driven vehicle of choice and carries all the latest mod cons. Simply one of the best mercedes ever built and will not let you down.



Mercedes S Class Specification

Danex Drive Chauffeurs also use the world renowned Mercedes S-Class, which allows our customers to travel in the lap of luxury and style. S-Class” is an anglicisation of S-Klasse, a German abbreviation of Sonderklasse, which means special class (in the sense of a class of its own). In automotive terms thus refers to a specially outfitted car. The S-Class is Mercedes flagship model and a ‘true world class dominating machine…packed with every conceivable gadget. Luxurious and extremely comfortable this is the chauffeur driven car to be noticed in.


Mercedes V-Class Specification

Those who are travelling in larger groups may find themselves more comfortable in the spacious Chauffeur driven Mercedes V-Class, which is equipped with ergonomic leather seats and extra leg and headroom to ensure a relaxing and comfortable journey. The car also features climate control, providing the optimal temperature while you travel.
Whether you hire an airport chauffeur after a long journey, you are celebrating a special day or you simply want to see the sights of London in style, choosing Danex Drive’s services for a comfortable and enjoyable ride guaranteed. The Mercedes V-Class offers masses of passenger room as well huge boot space, ideal for groups with large amount of luggage, while still providing a level of luxury and ride quality usually reserved for executive saloon cars.


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