This modern age gave birth to numerous new ideas, inventions and technological devices. One of these life changing ideas is a GPS (Global Positioning System). This modern tool can be best described as a space-based satellite navigation system which provides information of time and location anywhere on the Earth. Its positive effect is obvious when it comes to military operations, police affairs, political and diplomatic activities and of course in commercial use. What most of us is familiar with when it comes to GPS is car navigation.

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Now, when it comes to car navigation, we can say that it is an extremely useful tool for getting us to any desired destination. Whether you are going on a vacation to some distant area you have never been to before or you simply don’t know all the streets in your city, GPS will surely solve your problems by navigating your every move, or to say you every turn. All you need to do is enter the address and the system will get you there. Of course you can also ask for directions for the road that has the least amount of traffic, the shortcut if you are in a hurry, and if you should change your mind and change the course, so will your GPS. It is an accurate system, with no emotional attachment, that will, when given a cue, provide directions for any destination.

But, aside from all the positive aspects of navigation system, there are also some negative sides we are all probably acquainted with. Namely, having a GPS may make us overly dependent on it and we may find ourselves lost in case the system should fail at certain point. It is an unnecessary stress it causes us, because if we remember the times without navigation systems, we will see how we could manage perfectly well without it and find the destination ourselves without much panic.

Also, it happens rarely that our GPS lead us to wrong location, although we provided all the necessary information. It might be due to the fact that some new address appeared under the same name or due to any other reason, but the bottom line is that it failed to perform its function and to get you to your destination. And suddenly, you find yourself lost, angry and frustrated, because you wasted your time, energy and money and the device that was supposed to help you, actually did the opposite. Another thing is that the operator will not admit its fault in most cases, which will make you even more infuriated. Plus, it can be quite annoying knowing that you could be tracked down at any time with the help of this device.

So, whether you find this tool to be more useful and positive or unnecessary and too complicated perhaps, depends for the most part on the way you use it and on the way you look upon these modern inventions in general, so whether you see the glass as half full or half empty depends entirely on your perspective.

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