In recent times, we have grown really concerned over the environment. Governments tax us regularly, gas prices keep going up and global warming activists keep warning us that if we continue down this path, we won’t have to travel to Dover in order to take the ferry; you’ll be able to take it from the outskirts of London. All of this seems scary, but how does it relate to us? Well like everything else, our services have to adapt to global trends. We too, have grown concerned over everything that is going on around us. Back in the day, luxury travel meant you had to be driven in a gas-guzzling sedan or a limo to get some comfort. Well lucky for us all, that isn’t the case anymore. With more and more luxury hybrid sedans on the market, you can be whisked from the airport or enjoy a night out in comfort with minimal impact on the environment. Let’s take a look at three options that caught our eye.

BMW 7-Series Active Hybrid

BMW 7-Series has always been a pinnacle of luxury and the latest one isn’t an exception. This vehicle comes equipped with intelligent energy management system which analyses the terrain in front and optimizes energy output accordingly. The intelligent system works with the engine to deliver maximum efficiency with maximum dynamics. Needless to say, interior is top notch. Despite being excellent to drive and be driven in, the 7-series produces only 158grams per kilometer of CO2.

Lexus LS600h

Lexus LS600h was one of the first luxury cars with a hybrid powertrain. That means Lexus had time to perfect the recipe, and boy did they. The new LS comes with a 5.0-litre V8 engine glued to an electric motor and the whole thing churns out 439bhp. With the sofa-like back seat, you’ll arrive at your destination blazingly fast and in total comfort. Due to its exceptional performance, the LS600h has a slightly larger CO2 figure of 218 grams per kilometer. But don’t let that put you off; the penguins are still going to be safe.

Mercedes S400h

When it comes down to luxury sedans, Mercedes S-class has been on top for decades; and for a reason we can say. Inside, you get bathed in luxury by the finest wood and leather. If you don’t get distracted by all the gadgets, you’ll notice that the finish is flawless. A 275 horsepower V6 petrol engineproduces 186 grams per kilometer of CO2.Packed with technology and built on craftsmanship, it’s a safe choice for anyone.

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